OCTOCAL, the sustainable aquarium solution

OctoCal is your source of the purest, most functional aragonite sand on the market! Other purveyors of aragonite sell blends of substrates or simply just crushed shells. OctoCal is a product of Calcean, which works in an exclusive collaboration with the Bahamas to sustainably and responsibly harvest this unique material. So what does that mean to you? You are guaranteed the freshest, purest, most sustainable and most active aragonite available.


OCTOCAL Advantage

8 REASONs why Octocal is the best

Learn about what makes OCTOCAL Aragonite the best aquarium substrate on the market.


biogenic birth of oolitic aragonite sand

The biogenic nature of this unique mineral not only improves the environment through its ability to naturally renew, but it also sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere.